Unify the best of tradition and

innovation is the key of Arnaud’s work

Respecting French high jewelry traditions is an imperative for Charlotte & Me Joaillerie. Arnaud expresses this tradition with quality requirements in a rigorous stones’ selection and materials as well as services for his clients.

This tradition is also expressed by a 100% French hand-made conception in centenarians Vendôme’s workshops. Finally, it is expressed by elegance and harmony in out models embodying a timeless modernity.

This modernity will be synonymous of timelessness and eternity tomorrow.

Selection of materials is a priority for us. Arnaud comes from a craft where material is in the heart of creation and he kept this way of working. Thanks to this thorough knowledge, he is able to exalt materials that are already precious and create real masterpieces.

To reach such a degree of perfection, a rigorous selection is mandatory. We work only with precious metals of guaranteed origin and we choose only certified stones and make sure they are not conflict stones.

Arnaud particularly cherishes gold in all its colors declinations (yellow, white, red, black…). This mythical metal used since time immemorial has always fascinated human being. It is the ideal material to associate with precious stones thanks to its purity and rarity.

We use 18 carats gold for our pieces in order to be worn frequently while keeping their natural glare. This alloy is the best for jewelry pieces because it combines elegance and robustness, two essential elements for all our creations.

The other fascinating element in a jewelry piece is precious stone. The most popular and the most expensive is diamond, the ultimate symbol of grace and eternity. However, all diamonds are not equal. At Charlotte & Me, we only work with better quality stones with higher diamonds colors (D, E and F) and top clarity (IF, VVS1, VVS2 and VS1). From this elitist selection, our better creations start to see the light of day.

We also apply this rigor to other precious stones. Rubies, sapphires and emeralds have the same quality degrees as diamonds. Therefor it is fundamental for us to select the best stones in order to sublimate our jewelry pieces.

With this exceptional material, we get an infinite world of possibilities. Beyond pure technical creation, we try to breathe life into each of our pieces, giving them their proper identity and unique story.

This work of creation starts with Arnaud’s pencils and end up with our designer’s paintbrushes. Arnaud gives form to the material by imagining pieces of jewelry and by starting the drawing work. And it is with the “gouaché” we achieve to extract essence from our masterpieces.

This traditional French jewelry technique is a key step in a jewelry piece development. It is from this artist’s work that all the hands necessary to create a gem will be based on.

With this artistic drawing, Arnaud can work on his future masterpiece. From this “gouaché”, he will work on the wax model, an essential step which consists in transposing the jewel piece from a piece of paper to reality. This unique know-how method is entirely manual and critical in the piece realization. From this traditional goldsmithery work, the relay is passed to modernity with developers who will finalize the prototyping phase. It is this balanced combination between traditional and modern methods that gives birth to our creations.

However, the piece of jewelry is far from being finished. Arnaud’s real work begins only when the prototype becomes a reality. Loads of stages will be needed and they vary from one piece to the other but we usually use the same fabrication scheme: smelting rare metals, setting precious stones, polishing and a myriad of other processes to achieve excellence.

At this precise moment alchemy is operating, matter an spirit meet each other to give a soul to the piece of jewelry.